Good advice can be expensive, but they can also be useful.

I gladly share my personal knowledge about care, some of the things I know by facts, but other things are drawn from own experience. I'm always open for some good and useful advice. Always remember that dogs are unique and you can never treat them equally.

Do not leave your dog unattended in the garden or other places, where you can´t get to it fast. As there are people who are some of the most inhuman existence. You can risk that your dog is taken while looking away. We have no way of knowing if it will be taken as practise for fighting dogs or for the thieves can sell your dog out of the county. This is not only Bulldogs that can bee stolen. It is all dogs. Personally, I have never left my dog outside a store in dogs hook, because I would never forgive myself if it were missing when I came out again.

Do not bye a dog from a dog mill, the dog might be sweet and nice looking, and even doe the dog you bye might not ever get sick, the dog that are left at the dog mill is living a horrible life. The bitches are getting pregnant every time they go in to heat, they are not getting the proper treatment they are suppose to have. Some never see daylight, get to smell the grass or get to play with other individuals. Please do not support any kind of dog mills anywhere. If it is because of the price, then help a dog in a shelter to a forever home.   

Puppy Training is healthy for all dogs, even if you as owner feel you have everything under control. It is very good for the puppy to bee the centre, and the pup will also learn to listen even if there are other dogs present.

Never leave your dog unattended in your car in warm weather for any length of time.English bulldog respond quickly to large temperature differences and do not cope with it very well. If you see a dog in a car, and you have reason to suspect that it is about to overheat, call the police. You are allowed to act in self-defence here in the DK. If you assess that the police do not have time to arrive to the rescue before the dog dies, it means that you are allowed to break a window so you can reach in and unlock the door, get access to the dog and begin the life-saving treatment of the dog. You must as far as possible provide you self with witnesses if you break anything on the car, the owner can claim that you have to pay for the damage on the car. Then it witnesses explanation about the dog was in danger. Here is a small table that shows how quickly a car heats

Time Temp outside Where Temp in the car
08.30 14 Skygge 19
09.30 18 Skygge 38
10.30 20 Blandet 47
11.15 20 Sol 58
12.00 23 Sol 62

If you can afford it and are able to get a cage for your dog as it can be transported by car, I think it is preferable. I've used a cage in textile until I knew little about how big my boys would be. I would not buy anything that was too big or too small. Now I have switched to a Variocage double size, which should be top safety in transport cages. If the dog is not in a cage, it is important that you lock the dog in a seatbelt for dogs. A dog of 30 kg will hit through the windshield of a frontal collision at 50 km/h at a rate of 1200 kg. If you are driving on the highway at 90 km/h the dog will hit the windshield with over 3000kg. Very few dogs will survive this.

Do not give your dog medication designed for people, not painkillers a Saturday where you can´t get to your own veterinarian. Some foods (ex. Chocolate, onions, raisins, grapes, avocados, some nuts, liquorice, foods and candy sweetened with xylitol) can be toxic to animals. Some plants are toxic, for ex. Lilies, Poinsettias and Easter lilies. Keep indoor plants and flower arrangements out of the animal's range and store such bulbs properly. Avoid the animal to get in touch with cleaning, car and other chemicals such as gasoline, diesel fuel, coolant, turpentine, oil and lubricating oil.