Proper care of any live animals involves an obligation to study, understand and apply existing knowledge to your specific breed of dog. Each Bulldog is different and your home is not quite like any other. Despite this, some general principles developed by breeders and owners over the years make your care, of your new companion easier and better for the health of the new member of your household.

Skin folds on your English bulldog are most important to have a good view over, in my opinion. If your dog is cared for while you are on vacation. It may take a long time to work through any fungus, ulcers or the like.

Skin folds on your English bulldog are most important to have a good view over, in my opinion. If your dog is cared for while you are on vacation and the environment is different and has caused the nose fold to get infected. It may take a long time to work through any fungus, ulcers or redness. Our beloved English bulldogs have skinfolds in the head, which is a major factor in their appearance, but it also provides work and effort for us. When I bought Jørgen, I studied a lot about how to do and thought I was ready, but basically it's ones own experience that works for you and your dog.

To keep skin problems away on my dogs I use these individual steps

First, wipe with a dry cotton wool Circus in the folds, also on the forehead, if the dog has skinfolds. If there is more then I can take with the cotton pad, I’m taking some Silan ointment purchased at (local drugstore) into the fold. Depending on how much it is. It stays incumbent maximum overnight. If you look at the folds every day and make sure that it stays dry, you will not experience hair loss, redness or eczema. Redness and hair loss can come quickly, and the first time I saw it on Jørgen, was because we were moving to a new house and it was dusty all over, I forgot to check him for 2 days. If there is a hole in the skin, you need to use something bactericidal in which I use Hexokain ointment, Hexokain dry out the pores, so it is best to get a thin layer of Silan ointment on when you dry Hexokain ointment away. Hexokain is tough for the skin, therefore I never leave on longer than 6 hours. I would never have it on my skin longer, therefore my dog does not either. Remember not to use Hexokain for your dog if it is treated with other antibiotics, unless your vet says otherwise. I always use cotton wool straight out of the box because I have no way of knowing what bacteria there can be on it, for ex. Paper towels or toilet paper. I have an idea that the cotton pads feels softer on dog skin, especially if it's red. Furthermore, I never use liquids in my dog's folder, as it is moisture we want to keep away.

Eyes troughs are slightly a different case for my dogs because that can be a lot moisture from the eye. I dry several times a day if necessary, and use a product called Eye Envy EE powder. Can read and buy the product here It is a very good product for my dogs, but has been told from that it has no effect from some people.

The feet mostly take care for itself, but in winter when there is sprinkled salt all over and there can be frozen things where the dogs walk, then it's a good idea to wash the dog’s paws after walks. The cracks in the pads can be deep and it would be painful for the dog. It can take a long time to rebuild all the way up. A good thing to have at home is paw wax that you can smear on the pads if they start to dry out.

I do not cut the nails very often, but use a hand files every other day. 1 stroke. I want the nails on my dogs so short that they do not touch the floor when standing for 2 reasons. 1. I know it is not because of the nails, if the dog is lagging or doesn´t want to fully support a paw. 2. Because I do not want them to leave marks on a wooded floor. In addition, they file nails by walking on hard surfaces such as tiles or asphalt.

Several English bulldogs gets fluid-filled blisters between the toes once in a while, if your dog gets something it is good to examine whether it is because there is a regulatory or other device. If you can´t see anything, it will be a good idea to take a trip to the vet, as it may be blisters, it can also be something that will grow back itself, but these would be painful for your dog.

The coat does not require any great effort, since they are shorthaired, but they enjoy being cuddled. I use a massage brush that only loosens the hair and only straight up to an exhibition I use a comb, but otherwise the brush is enough for mine. I do not wash them very often, but about 4 times a year just before a show. I do not wash them every time we go to a show, because it is not necessary in mine mind.

I once in a while check how the dog's teeth and breath are, if there are signs of limestone they get a Dentastik, but there is rarely something because they get a daily basis of bones, which also act as tooth brushing. Checking the teeth is a go idea, since there may be something sandwiched in between a pair of teeth that are uncomfortable for the dog.