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02. Jan

Have signed the dogshows in DK this year.

05. Mar

Max and Aggi is perents now :-)

10. Mar


23. Apr

Skal til DKK kursus - Genetik og Reprodution


Jørgen is turning 3 years.

04. Jun

Started ring crafts with Anita 


Dog Show in Hirtshals, DK

03. Aug 

Dog show in Fredericia, DK

07. sep

Dogshow in Richmund

12. Okt

Dog show in Aars

01. - 02 Nov

Dog show in Herning, DK

13. - 14. Dec

Dog show in Amsterdam

26. Jan

Was having the years first show. The danish bulldog club

08. Mar 

Was at the DKK show in Fredericia


DKK kursus - Adfærd 2


10.-11. Maj

Dog show in Roskilde, DK



Max is turning 2 years

23. Aug

Dog show in Aarhus, DK

12. Sep

Dogshow in Darlington

17. - 19. Oct

Dog show in Dortmund, GE

4. -5. Nov




17. Mar

DKK kursus - Rammerne 1

30. Mar

Bulldog club dog show i Slagelse


18. Maj

Dog show in Hedensted


31. Aug 

Dogshow in Birmingham

14. Sep

Dog show in south of UK


30. Nov

dog show in Slagelse


22, Maj

Got my prefix aproved from FCI


30.-31. Maj

Dog show in Hesselager




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19. Mar 

HURRA, started the projekt 

5. Apr 

Got a new cage to transport the dogs in the car. It is a Variocage dobbel S, because it fits the car and it should bee one of the best crach safe, soundless cages in the world. It is designed so that if I am in a accident, I can open the cage fron insige the car and get the dog out that way.I am very happy for this choise. 


05. Maj

Was at a show in Roskilde, DK. Was a nice weekend and Maximus won his class day 2. English bulldogs are a great breed

2. jun 

Was showing in Neumünster, Germany. We was gowing with Laura and her human. My boys are very fond of Laura. That was a nice weekend. Jorgen did good and Max begame BOB junior

7. juli 

Now we show in Hirtshals, Denmark. Both me and the boys had some great teamwork in the showring and I am very proud. Talked to a lot of people and some people came to have a close look at Jorgen.


22. Aug  

Shall have made ​​various health certificates on my boys today. Know that there is no breeding restrictions are bulldogs in Denmark, but I want to know what my boys can give of strengths and weaknesses in breeding.


02. Sep

Are taking the trip to the danish bulldog clubs yearly Exhibition in Slagelse. Looking forward, as it is an exciting judge. Likes it when you display before an English judge who knows the breed.


09. Okt 

was at the DKK kursus - The dogs well beeing 


01. Nov

 Showed i Herning, DK. Didn´t went so well. But when I came back home I enterred Max for Cruft´s 2014

01. Dec 

Was to a very nice dogshow at the Bulldog club in Aarhus, DK. It was the christmas show


24. Apr 

Today I will be getting my exhibition tent, now we are ready for the show in Roskilde, Denmark. Found out yesterday that there will be 30 English bulldogs saturday and 44 sunday.


13. Maj

Had a really nice week at Bøsøre, in perfect companie.



Was at a show in Vejen, Denmark. The Judge was a vet and took her time looking at the dogs. It was nice. For the first time I tried having 2 people examining my dogs. Kim from Valby bulldogs is training to be a judge. 


10. jul 

Have made mine mind up for witch shows I want to attent to for the rest of this year. I will start taking a friend with me when Klaus can´t make it. Also to be together with a good friend of mine.

24. Aug 

Have been to the National show in Varde, it was a pleasant day with the bulldog people. A lot of them is so nice to talk to.

04. Sep

Was having my first course at the Danish kennel club, I was good and I am looking forward to take some more.


10. Okt 

Went to the show in Dortmund. Was taking Envy, she is owned by Carina Hess, but she had to take care of her school. It was a really goo weekend. Jørgen got a rec cert and Max was qual. for Cruft´s and became VDHJR champion. Envy gor 2 JR cert.


14. Nov

 Jørgen and Max is beeing babysit by Line Fallesen in 14 days. I will miss them, but I am shure that she will love them as her own.


03. Dec - 07. Dec

 Max mated with Aggi


20. Maj

 Now we are starting to train Jørgen on the water 2 times a week.


06. Sep

Took Carina Hess with me the the show in Rostock

13. Okt 

Had a lovely day in Aars

30. Nov 

Var til DKK kursus - Adfærd 1. 

12. Dec 

was at the Amsterdam Winnershow. Max was qual. Cruft´s again and became Amsterdam junior winner 13. We meet Rob Harris and some other breeders. Talked a lot about Bulldogs. 


20. Sep 

Was having a nice weekend together with Line Fallesen and her dather at the show in Ballerup


20. Dec 

Has ordered HUU tests for the boys.


21. Sep 

Got the danish bulldog club´health stamp


26. Dec 

Has signed for the rest of the DKK kurs