Many thanks to Kennel Kinibox for the opportunity for this amazing boy who does everything in our world. He is and will always be our little baby boy and we will always be grateful to you.

Jørgen is a lovely boy from the 3rd May 2011. He was born and bred in Holland by kennel Kinibox. He has roots from Spain and England. His mother lives in Holland and his father lives in Denmark. He is our little baby and we are very happy for him. He is most closely linked to Mai; I just think it is because he is very fond of girls in all aspects.

He is always ready to play with people at all ages. Other animals are also welcome, as long as they can keep to his typical bully play. He is good-natured and has his habits he likes to stick to. For ex. Around 9pm the bedroom door has to be left open so he can get in and lie on his blanket to sleep for the night. He is preferably not up before dinner, so when we humans get up, he goes into the dog room and sleeps in his cage, he likes to have some quiet time to get the most out of his beauty sleep.

We have intentionally been with many people and dogs from the beginning, because we want dogs to be socialised. Of course he would like bitches in heat for himself. He is a male.

He is a very sweet nice dog and is very typical in terms of his temperament. I am very pleased that it is someone like Jørgen we got as the "first" dog. He has never broken or bitten anything ... That's not true actually, he has bitten a shoe, but his bone had fallen in it, I think he tried to grab the bone back.

Jørgen is really happy for all people, even when he is in the show ring and the judge is trying to look at him. Some judges think it's charming, but of course he can not be judged properly sometimes when he is not standing still, but I'd rather have a happy dog than a dog who has lost it´s "spark" in the ring.

Jørgen is first and foremost a pet dog, but he loves the showring, so I will keep on bringing him.

Appearance on Jørgen

Jørgen is a red with white male who has some black hairs in the coat. Jørgen is a bit small sized of his age, but his mother was a slow growing, so I am not so worried about him. He had a bit of rough start in his life. When he came to us he got kennel cough and bad pneumonia. It set him back. I do not know if that's why he is small in size or whether it is genes, but he is growing just as quiet. He has some good muscle groups with a broad shoulders, a short body and is in very good fitness, he grows harmoniously where all body parts are equally balanced. His head is as the standard FCI requires provides a slightly wrinkled broad skull. The right angles between the eyes, properly set rose ears, 2 cm undershot and large nostrils with a nose fold that is not too large. The Nose fold is not larger than the air comes in under it, when he looks straight up in the air. He has a beautiful and incredibly short coat that does not require much care. I brush him every day during the periods, making it a cozy time for us. Where we both are looking at the garden. Outside precipitation periods I brush him a couple of times a week, but it's more for the fun of it. I spend a little time each morning to clean his eye area dry and check his nose fold. I use very rarely anything other than a cotton pad to keep his skin because he has a healthy skin, and will not ruin it with various creams. Jørgen has a nice rocking motion, both indoors and in the show ring. His tail is not long, but it is very wagging.

Jørgen weigh is 28 kg.