Max our Stud dog


Many thanks to Kennel Nobozz for this delicious boy, he means a lot to us and we love him more than anything on this earth. He is and will always be our little golden boy.

 We picked up Max in UK; he was born and breed by Mr Harris who owns Kennel Nobozz. His parents are of English Bloodline, I have not met his father yet, but his mother has a really nice temperament and looks really good.


Max is our little terrorist of the house, he bit everything while his teeth grew, he loved to sit and chew everything that was in his reach, including fingers, toes or window tills. Max use a lot of time to sit and look at us humans when we talk or walk or cook. He is a little charmer and the best thing in his world is when we wake up from a night sleep, then it is time to be petted on the floor. He likes all people and animals. He has that special approach for the breed: "Here I am and I'm not afraid of anything" on everything he encounters. However, we often see that he just does the same as Jørgen if he is at his side. Max is a real puppy that sleeps most of the day, mostly with Jørgen or on our toes. His favourite thing to do when guests are here is to bite them in stockings and get them to jump. One can really see the happiness in his eyes when it happens. It was not long before he fell into our lifestyle and now live life like a real pet dog. He loves the way we have a dog, for instance. Both dogs get massage, which he is very much interested in, and it is not good if it is done to fast. He wants all his muscles through before he is satisfied. Additionally it is very important that he gets enough food, by his mind, not ours.

Max is ready for stud now that he has gone through som health check with a more then satifying result and has an age that tels me something about what kind of dog he is mentaly. Did not dare to hope for that result on his health.  The Bitch has to be more then 18 month before mating with a dog at Glory Hunter Bulldogs, my boys do not like them to young. They do not like them to old, so the bitch will be turned down from them if they are more then 7 years. The bitch has to have a recognised pedigree for that country she is living. Only healthy bitches will be used on my stud dogs, the bitch has to be in a mental balance to, because Glory Hunter Bulldogs do not want to breed unstable pups intentional.

I would like to have the opportunity to follow the pups in life, so I would like to have pictures on mail or on Facebook from the bitch owner and from the puppy owners. 


Appearance on Max

Max is what I will call a brighter red with white male who has some beautiful markings on the body. He is a really massive and strong dog.

Max has a relatively short head from the neck to the tip of the nose. On his skull, he has fine loose wrinkles, none of which are more marked than others, but the one in the forhead will be seen first. He has the same distance from the stop / tip of nose to tip of nose / lower lip rim. The nose has a nice black color, with large nostrils without a big nose fold. His nose fold is a good healthty one as it do not have to clean under there, since there get air indside all the time. This makes his facial expressions characteristic, as he has a shorter nose fold than most English bulldogs. Max has 1 cm undershut and the lips covers it easily, so you can not see teeth.
Max has some fine rosenøre sitting where they should and do not interfere with the outline of the shell. Max has a very powerful body-allround, with some big boned legs, a great back, also because his front legs are shorter than the hind legs, broad shoulders, wide and deep chest with a nice deep curve between the front legs. Max has grown very fast body-related, so he looks very solid. He is also HUU clear.

Max weight 29 kg.