Matings and children

Max has many things to offer to the health of the breed English bulldog .


How can one contrackt with Max look like, but they can vary from female to female . Contact me if you are interested in mating and then we find out anything.

The pairing agreement where the male is : Nobozz Maximus DK03050/2013

The agreement covers the mating of female xxx

Time of mating : xxx

The agreement includes the right to one or more matings within the same maturity. Where female dog owner pays cost of ownership when driving . Price per kilometer is 3.18 dk, additionally, bridge or ferry price come next .


Pairing fee:

Payment in cash on account after mating Danish kroner : 2,500 plus Danish kroner 2.500 per . live-born puppy. The payment per . Puppy shall be due within days : 21 days after birth , after which the owner of the male is obliged to immediately sign the puppy form.



Bitch Owner hereby declare also that the bitch has been mated with no other males in the same maturity period, so that future questions regarding paternity will be eliminated.

If this can not be met the bitch owner will pay 10.000kr in fines when Max will never be allowed to mate naturally and must inseminate the rest of his life as a stud.


The male dog owner declare not to conceal health defects in the male, if known to them at the time of mating .

The male has DNA test record in the danish kennel club , so it would be natural to get the same on the bitch and puppies. He i also HUU clear.

It is the male owner's desire that the bitch and bitch owner is a member of the Danish Bulldog Club and has undergone Bulldog Club health test and received health certificate prior to mating , if the bitch is based in Denmark.