I'm one of those types who prefer not to go down on equipment for various exhibitions

I think it's a big world where you can buy a lot of good and useful things, but you can also spend a lot of money on a lot of things that break or do not look particularly nice.

I don’t mean that price and quality are linked every time but read about the product you are interested in instead of just byeing the first thing you see.


The equipment I have:

Trimming table with wheels at a height of 55cm from Tholo, I use it for training, but also very well when I clean them. I got it with wheel, so that I can use it as a wagon, when I go to exhibitions, this is 2in1.

2 Metal cages from DOGMAN, so that the boys can get in their own cage to relax before and after the walk in the ring, the coating is to give them some peace while they are there. At home the cages are in the dog room so they can be in there when they want.

I have chosen to use a different cage as I transport the dogs. Since I wouldn’t have a cage that makes noise when driving. The transport cage is not very easy to in and out of the car every time we go to a show. Therefor I have the 2 DOGMAN.

2 chairs, so we are sure to have something to sit on when we are away.

Have a show set consisting of line, necklaces, bracelets and number holder.

In addition, I always have some towels if necessary. Moisture to the hair, brush and comb, cotton pads and cotton buds, baby oil to the tip of the nose, paw wax, and of course water bowl to the exhibits.

DKK´s exhibition tent for various exhibitions out door. I have been examining the various tents by reading back and forth. My opinion is that the DKK's red exhibition tent is the best, because you can single handed set it up and it has a nice size. However, I am a little tired of the weigh.


The equipment I want:


I am thinking about a grooming/tool cage with wheels, but have not found the one I want yet.