Future plans

You learn as long as you live and it's good to broaden your horizons all the time. I try to improve myself all the time on all the different things I have to do in my everyday life. Within my interest with English bulldogs I take some of the different courses / programs DKK offer to their members.


I have been taken these DKK courses/ educations:


Because I want to learn about DKK as an organization, their attitudes and the purposes.

Dog Keeps Training

Because I want to learn more about genetics in general. What to remember and how to prepare for regarding breeding. Especially the preparations a good breeder have to do before deciding if the dog is good for breeding.

Learn to read dog behaviour and not only my own and how to take the very best of dogs.

Breeder training

Because I want the attestation of the authorities to see if I even had to drive commercial dog teams. 

This is to prepare myself best for if I should have puppies at my own home and in my upcoming kennel name. I dream about getting a couple of bitches in my kennel, and I already have some lines in mind, for me it would be logical to buy a bitch that works well for Jørgen and another bitch that fits Max, continue their lines without changing too much of Kinibox 'and Nobozz' breeding work.


I spend a lot of time planning what I can do to make the breed English bulldog healthier.

In time I would like to train being a judge in the show ring, this will not be initiated in year 2013, when all things would have to go up to a higher level with my work and personal life.